What is the Reasoned Way?

The Reasoned Way is a life philosophy that seeks to maximize the individual and collective quality and longevity of our lives. Rooted in Deism, the Reasoned Way leverages the very best of humanity’s philosophical, scientific, and religious thinking to guide us toward human flourishing.

Aspects of the Reasoned Way


Wisdom that flows from philosophy’s practical application, moving us beyond experience toward universal insight.


Deep examination of humanity’s religious traditions in search of those universal golden nuggets that can enrich our lives.


Applying the insights of Reasoned Thinking and Reasoned Spirituality to our daily lives.

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Who Developed the Reasoned Way?

Dave Gaddis is a U.S. citizen working in Stuttgart, Germany. He holds a BS in Computer Science and an MA National Security. His goal is to share his emerging life philosophy called the Reasoned Way to those who are interested in a reasoned, yet spiritual, approach to living.