Rethinking Our Imagined Reality: Introduction

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Most people, even the deepest reasoned thinkers, do not realize the extent of their imagined reality. Deists and atheists will be especially surprised to find out how much dogma governs their thinking, despite their expressed aversion to it.

For many of you, this article series will challenge everything you believe and, if successful, will result in a tabula rasa on which we can draft a fresh understanding of our existence.

Thesis: We live in a material reality, but our lives are dominated by imaginary constructs.

I make only one assumption in developing this thesis: there is an Absolute Reality. Sure, you could all be figments of my imagination as I experience my own reality, but that seems highly unlikely. By all accounts, we are part of a larger reality that we experience individually and collectively.

Rethinking Our Imagined Reality will be a six-part series that seeks to flesh out my thesis. In The Way Ahead, I will attempt to bring it all together and set the stage for the next article series, Recalibrating Our Moral Compass.

Part I: Introduction
Part II: Illusory Separation from Nature
Part III: A Limited Experience of Absolute Reality
Part IV: Evolution of “Truth”
Part V: Our Imaginary Constructs
Part VI: The Way Ahead

My goal is to publish one part roughly each week. I look forward to many discussions as we move through the article series. I hope you will consider joining Reasoned Way and participating in our new community.

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