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Religion and Reality Deficit

In Featured, Reasoned Living by Dave Gaddis

I assert that there can be only one Absolute Reality or Truth. Most of humanity’s thinking regarding Absolute Reality has come through it’s religious doctrines, which purport to have a divine origin. If there is only one Truth, especially a god-given one, then why are there so many different explanations for the same aspects of existence? Consider this circle to represent …

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Rethinking Our Imagined Reality: Evolution of “Truth”

In Featured, Reasoned Spirituality by Dave Gaddis

One often hears the religious “preach” the truth about the universe and life. In this article, we will survey the evolution of “truth” (i.e., religion) over the millennia. This topic is the subject of doctoral degrees, so it is impractical to think that I can cover every aspect and nuance of these religions. While the overviews are simplistic, I think …

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On Reasoned Spirituality

In Reasoned Spirituality by Dave Gaddis

In the interest of honesty and openness, I am a deist. Deist’s believe in God through reason, experience, and observation of the universe. That said, you do not have to believe in God to be part of our community. In fact, you can be a theist, deist, atheist, humanist, or whatever. The only requirement is that you seek greater enlightenment …